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Minecraft Mod Conceptions[edit | edit source]

On this wiki, you can create mod conceptions that show ideas for minecraft mods.

Current Mods[edit | edit source]

Unimplemented Craft(10)[edit | edit source]

Adds a ton of items that were unimplemented into regular Minecraft.

Brick Pyramids


Crying Obsidian

Dirt Slab

Dyed Planks


Leather Chain Armor




Underworld Adventure(49)[edit | edit source]

Adds lots of powerful items, and new tools and armor, including a new dimension.

Apple Juice

Basaltite Block

Basaltite Ingot

Basaltite Nugget

Basaltite Ore

Basaltite Stone

Basaltite Stone Bricks

Basaltite Tile

Basaltite Tools and Armor

Carrot Juice

Coal Tile


Deadwood Log

Demon Archer

Demon Magi

Demon Overlord

Demon Wraith

Desert Tile

Diamond Tile

Emerald Tile

Ender Tile

Figurine of Degen


Flint Tools

Gold Tile

Grassy Tile

Icy Tile

Iron Nugget

Iron Tile

Lapis Lazuli Tile

Melon Juice


Mud Bricks

Nether Quartz Tile

Nether Tile

Power Crystal

Pumpkin Juice


Redstone Meter

Redstone Tile

Ruby Block

Ruby Ore

Ruby Tile

Ruby Tools and Armor

Skeleton Wraith


Supernova Gem

Underworld Dimension

Wraith of Pluto

Uniting Block Mod(2)[edit | edit source]

Block of uniting

Refined Dirt

The Ultimate Budder Mod(1)[edit | edit source]

Gold is budder, plus adds many squid and budder-related stuff.

Prismarine Tools and Armor

Prismarine Tile

Poll[edit | edit source]

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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